Drinking Champagne with your meals?


Are you accustomed to enjoying your meals accompanied by wine? It's essential to know that you can equally savor your delectable culinary creations by pairing them with champagne. All you need to do is find the perfect combinations. If you are seeking dishes that harmonize well with champagne, rest assured, you're not alone. Many people are unaware that it's entirely possible to create a complete menu that pairs seamlessly with this beverage, as champagne is often perceived as reserved for festive occasions. Our goal is to dispel these preconceived notions regarding the pairing of dishes and champagne while introducing you to a multitude of delightful food and champagne pairings. 


Food and Champagne Pairings It is entirely feasible to enjoy champagne at various times of the day, whether for an aperitif, lunch, or dinner. The best pairings are often with dishes such as poultry, fish, foie gras, and many others. Successful food and champagne pairings encompass the entire meal, from the aperitif to dessert. Would you like to learn more? 

Which champagne to choose for an aperitif or an appetizer? Champagne can enhance various refined dishes. If you are a fan of this sparkling beverage, be aware that there are different types of champagne, each better suited to various occasions. It is even possible to craft a complete menu around champagne, much to the delight of gourmets. Here are some suggestions for enjoying this effervescent drink as an aperitif or appetizer: 

"Recommendations: When selecting champagne for an aperitif or appetizer, consider the sugar content in the beverage. Varieties with a low sugar content pair perfectly with sweeter dishes "

Champagne for an aperitif:

Brut and extra brut champagnes are perfect for an aperitif. These varieties are low in sugar but slightly sparkling. Therefore, you can serve a variety of brut champagnes for an aperitif, especially those made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, which are the most well-known on the market and pair wonderfully with an aperitif. 

Champagne for an appetizer:

 Certain champagne varieties also suit appetizers. You can continue with brut or extra brut champagne to accompany dishes such as seafood or raw fish in tartare. If you're looking for appetizer ideas to enjoy with brut or extra brut champagne, consider oyster platters, sushi or sashimi, smoked salmon, or a delightful fish tartare


When selecting champagne for an aperitif or appetizer, consider the sugar content in the beverage. Varieties with a low sugar content pair perfectly with sweeter dishes. 

  1. Choose rich-flavored cheeses to pair with champagne, especially brut vintage.
  2. Champagnes with a higher sugar content are perfect for various sweet desserts. 


Brut champagne is the most common choice for an aperitif or appetizers. Brut or extra brut champagne pairs ideally with light appetizers, such as seafood and raw fish.

Blanc de blancs champagnes are often enjoyed throughout the meal and pair harmoniously with a wide variety of dishes, nearly all of them.

When discussing food and champagne pairings, one of the classics that comes to mind is cheese. It's worth noting that many champagnes pair perfectly with different types of cheese. Cheeses with cooked paste work particularly well with this beverage, and among champagnes, brut vintage is generally the optimal choice to accompany cheese. 

Regarding dessert, it's advisable to opt for champagne with a higher sugar content. This applies to dry champagnes, which are often preferred for pairing with sweet desserts. However, some may prefer demi-sec or sweet champagnes to enhance the sweet flavors of their desserts.

Note : Brut vintage champagne pairs exceptionally well with strongly flavored cheeses, such as Époisses, Ami du Chambertin, or Poiset au marc, to name a few 


As you can see, champagne pairs well with a complete meal. It can be served from the aperitif onwards, complementing appetizers, main courses, and sweet desserts, particularly dry, semi-dry, or sweet champagnes. Additionally, rosé champagne pairs wonderfully with desserts containing red fruits. Keep in mind that food and champagne pairings primarily depend on personal taste and preference, and there are no strict rules. The provided information is indicative, and you can choose different champagnes to accompany your dishes based on your personal preferences